Here are the winners of the 8th edition of the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge

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From over 4000 applications, to 70 finalists, to 3 winners…


With all continents represented and many hundreds of meetings organised, we are so proud to host an event that brings together such inspiring, dedicated and visionary attendees from all over the world. Thank you for being part of this with us.

But first and foremost, a huge CONGRATULATIONS to the Grand Winner of the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge 2023.

GRAND WINNER: Sweetch Energy.

Awarded the €100k Grand Prize by Worldwide Partner Natixis CIB.

Sweetch Energy (France) are building a net zero future by exploiting a massively available, yet untapped, natural source of energy: osmotic power. Their radically different INOD® technology allows for the first time ever to produce large-scale, permanent, 100% clean electricity from osmotic power. The project started in 2015 with the objective of changing the field of renewable energies bringing innovation to the next level. They have, since then, been producing clean electricity from salt water and they are currently working on the upcoming installation of a first demonstrator on the Rhone delta.

Second Prize: Sóliome.

Supported by X, the moonshot factory.

Sóliome (USA) is producing the first sunscreen derived from common human metabolites. The chemicals used in many alternative “reef-safe” sunscreens contain the same alcohol group as oxybenzone — so could potentially also be converted to phototoxins. Soliome wants to reinvent the way sunscreens are made and they are working on a process based on protein engineering to make sunscreens from basic ingredients, such as plant proteins. This would help the market move away from sunscreens that have been shown to damage the environment.

Third Prize: Allogenica

Allogenica (France) is a Lyon-based biotechnology company specialized in the development of an emerging class of cancer therapy, called CAR-T cells (Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cells). Allogenica has developed a bioproduction platform that relies on the manipulation of hematopoietic stem cells and their derivatives with the aim of developing allogenic “off-the-shelf” CAR-T cells. Allogenica will offer the next-generation cancer treatment ready to use, at low cost and safer than current treatments, in order to treat all patients who need it.

‘Coup de coeur’ award from BCG: enaDyne

enaDyne (Germany) are converting CO2 and a hydrogen source into sustainable chemicals and e-fuels in a single process step. They have been awarded one year of consulting services from our Global Partner BCG.

Congratulations also to the winners of each of the 11 categories

Winner of the “Advanced Computing & Electronics” category supported by Infineon, Murata and IMEC: WeLinQ (France) Enabling quantum computing by interconnecting quantum processors to increase their computational power.

Winner of the “Aerospace” category supported by Safran: Aliena (Singapore) Electric propulsion engines to allow satellites to fly closer to Earth, and provide high-resolution data.

Winner of the “Digital Health & Medical Devices” category: LIQID Medical (South Africa) Pioneering ‘oculosubarachnoid shunting’, with devices to overcome the challenges of existing glaucoma therapies.

Winner of the “Energy” category supported by GTT: Sweetch Energy (France) Developing a system based on bio-sourced membranes to exploit osmotic power and harness it as an energy solution.

Winner of the “Environment” category supported by L’Oréal and Elkem: New Iridium (USA) Decarbonizing the chemical industry by using photosynthesis-inspired technology to produce low-carbon chemicals.

Winner of the “Food & Agriculture” category supported by Avril and Supernova Invest: Gelatex Technologies (Estonia) Producing cheaper plant-based nanofibrous scaffolds and microcarriers for cultured meat companies.

Winner of the “Industrial Biotech & New Materials” category supported by Solvay: Sóliome (USA) Producing the first sunscreen derived from common human metabolites.

Winner of the “Industry 4.0 & Autonomous Machines” category supported by Matterwave Ventures: Touch Sensity (France) Making materials sensitive to mechanical physical interactions, in real time, without using sensors

Winner of the “Medical Biotech & Pharmaceuticals” category supported by Servier: Allogenica (France) Developing an emerging class of blood cancer therapy that is more affordable and accessible.

Winner of the “Sustainable Construction & Infrastructure” category supported by LEONARD: Strong by Form (Chile) A high-performance, freeform timber-based composite to replace concrete, steel, and aluminum for the built environment.

Winner of Orano’s “Unlocking the CO2 Circular Economy” category: enaDyne (Germany) Converting CO2 and a hydrogen source into sustainable chemicals and e-fuels in a single process step.

“It will continue to be our mission to identify these projects and strengthen the ecosystem that allows them to flourish.”Arnaud de la Tour, CEO and Co-founder, Hello Tomorrow

Thanks to everyone who made their way to the 2023 edition of the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit and especially to our wonderful finalists who are able to raise the bar every year with their incredible technology, solutions and pitches.

If you’re interested in applying to the Global Challenge, or want to be involved in Hello Tomorrow, visit us at or shoot us an e-mail at



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