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8 min readApr 8, 2020

From low-cost ventilators to carbon negative hand sanitizers and rapid diagnostic testing… The agile nature of startups means they can act fast in the face of a global health crisis such as covid-19. It’s fantastic to see how many startups in the Hello Tomorrow network, selected through our Global Challenge over the years, are using their technology to help combat this pandemic.

But as always, it will take an entire ecosystem for these companies to successfully and sustainably scale. Read on to discover incredible projects from across the globe, and see how you could get involved. If you would like to get in touch with any of the startups, feel free to contact us.


Cphnano (Denmark)

Solution: This Danish startup is using their technology to develop and produce an affordable diagnostic saliva test for covid-19.

Chronomics (UK)

Solution: Chronomics have developed an RT-PCR test for the virus, ready to scale to population level. Read more.

Unima (Mexico)

Solution: Unima are developing an ultra-low-cost covid-19 diagnostic test that just uses a paper strip and a smartphone, no lab equipment required.

DarwinAI (Canada)

Solution: This Canadian startup co-started an open-source AI tool to help detect the virus via x-ray analysis. Read more.

Neteera (Israel)

Solution: This startup has developed a contact-free vital signs monitoring solution for early screening of covid-19 (respiration and heart rate monitoring). Read more.

Sentinel Biosensor (UK)

Solution: Their AI-powered vital-signs sensor, C-Detect device, can detect if the patient is going to fully develop covid-19 and subsequently if their situation is going to deteriorate or if they are stable.

Looking for: looking to raise £250K funding to develop the prototype device.

Respirix (USA)

Solution: Their handheld device, Cardiospire, is able to obtain clinical grade data streams from a patient in a remote setting including spirometry and lung sounds. Read more.

BioLinker (Brazil)

Solution: In partnership with TOVEM Biotech and the Institute for Tropical Medicine (IMT) of the University of São Paulo (USP), BioLinker is developing a portable, easy-to-use diagnostic test for the virus, using isothermal PCR and an innovative detection system.

Colorimetrix (USA)

Solution: Their at-home testing solution, Covid Rapid Test App, can tell you if your symptoms correspond to covid-19, or if you have had past exposure and recovered. Read more.

Looking for: Clinical partners to test the app’s effectiveness & support in contacting government officials, investors, test manufacturers and decision makers to promote more widespread testing

Vidcare Innovations (India)

Solution: They have started work on a new medical testing device based on their existing know-how on surveillance of diseases to prevent spread during outbreaks. The device is an equipment-free, easy-to-use microfluidics-based immunoassay device for multi-analyte detection of infections.

Omini (France)

Solution: Omini produces biosensors based on electrochemical signal detection of antibody-antigen interactions. Their diagnostic technology is affordable, portable, easy to use and can be utilized to develop tests for covid-19.

Looking for: an industrial partner from Austria, Canada, Denmark, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain & Turkey who is also interested in developing covid-19 solutions.


Iktos (France)

Solution: This French startup has teamed up with SRI to develop a synthetic chemistry platform to discover new compounds against coronavirus more quickly. Read more.

Macromoltek (USA)

Solution: This American-based startup is working on a computational design of a novel antibody drug for covid-19. (Poland)

Solution: This Polish startup is granting free access to their service that enables chemists to quickly identify which of the potential medicines for covid-19 are the most accessible. Read more.

MAbSilico (France)

Solution: The French startup is deploying its AI technologies to develop faster antibody drug candidates against covid-19. Read more.

Cell&Soft (France)

Solution: They are developing innovative cell culture substrates that more accurately mimic the lung, potentially helping to accelerate the discovery of new antiviral medication and vaccines.

Galactica Biotech (Ireland)

Solution: This Irish startup is applying their deep learning platform to identify anti-covid-19 molecules by screening several types of libraries.

RS Research (Turkey)

Solution: RS Research is able to reduce the side-effects of treatment by delivering potential covid-19 drugs directly to the lung through inhalation. They aim to deliver their treatment to patients by the end of 2020.


Solution: HDT Bio Corp is developing an RNA-based vaccine candidate and a therapeutic candidate based on stimulation of the RIG-I innate immunity pathway.

Geen Biotechnology (Turkey)

Solution:They are working on repurposing their candidate oncolytic viruses & immuno-potent viral vector discovery platform, Intellivir Discovery Platform, to generate covid-19 vaccine candidates.


AstroPrint (USA)

Solution: This startup is leading a new initiative, they have released an app to support crowd 3D printing efforts to help produce vital materials such as face shields or even ventilators. Read more.

GeoTwin (France)

Solution: An AI-based decision making platform that simulates the behaviour of individuals. Fed by anonymized socio-demographic and mobile phone data, it can represent and better understand the effects of containment measures and city mobility patterns before and after covid-19.

OpticSurg (USA)

Solution: Their mixed reality telehealth platform can potentially bridge the gaps in care delivery and also help preserve frontline capacity.

Looking for: potential sites to pilot their solution and donors who can help with economic costs and help them reach more people with their pilots.

Atlant 3D Nanosytems (Denmark)

Solution: A unique microfluidic technology for their 3D printhead design, which can benefit the design of rapid COVID testing solutions and immunity testing.

Looking for: expertise in immunology and biomedical device development as well as commercialisation partner.

MiCAN Technologies (Japan)

Solution: Announcing the launch of a cell product Mylc (i.e. human Myeloid lineage cells) which will contribute to research and help accelerate the development of new therapies and vaccines for covid-19. They will be providing academic researchers with the Mylc cells free of charge initially starting June 2020.

Be Sure Healthcare (Netherlands)

Solution: With their partners Precise and SenceBand, they have adopted their AI and biofeedback-based solutions to respond to the needs of patients and caregivers during covid-19, offering solutions for patient monitoring and clinical decision support.

Skyrora (UK)

Solution: Skyrora have re-allocated a small percentage of their staff to manufacture hand sanitisers and 3D printed face visors, which will be distributed to the NHS within the coming weeks. Read more.

ECG-Excellence (Netherlands)

Solution: They are developing solutions to detect cardiovascular problems & patterns in covid-19 patients through novel 12-lead ECG data processing. Early and accurate detection of cardiovascular problems impacts treatment decisions especially for high risk groups. Read more

re3D (USA)

Solution: They are prototyping 3D printed face shields for free which they hope to distribute to hospitals in need, as well as leading and contributing to community efforts that support the printing of PPE. Read more.

Autonodyne (USA)

Solution: Autonodyne is employing their 3D printers to help produce ventilator masks and face shields for healthcare professionals in the Boston area.

Autonodyne (USA)

Solution: Autonodyne is employing their 3D printers to help produce ventilator masks and face shields for healthcare professionals in the Boston area.


General Probiotics (USA)

Solution: Leveraging engineered probiotics to mitigate the risk of severe illness for individuals with covid-19 symptoms.


Watertower Robotics (USA)

Solution: This startup have teamed up with another company to rapidly prototype a low-cost ventilator for covid-19 patients that will cost between $1,000-$2,000 instead of the average $40,000 it currently costs. Read more.

Simplicity Works (Spain)

Solution: Working on an Invasive Pressure Ventilation used in intensive care for patients in the most critical conditions.

NuvOx Pharma (USA)

Solution: Filing for NanO2 to be administered as an IV injection in covid-19 patients before intubation to avoid potential severe hypoxemia and other complications.

Looking for: financial support and help in locating additional clinical sites that want to participate in their trial.

Clara Biotech (USA)

Solution: Working on a fast-track of their exosome isolation platform to support an exosome based therapy to prevent lung fibrosis, which could affect a significant portion of covid-19 survivors. Read more.

Looking for: funding, CMO manufacturing, GMP scalability and clinical trials.

MediSieve (UK)

Solution: Their magnetic blood filtration technology could be used to treat severe covid-19 infections.

Looking for: a potential manufacturing partner who could help them accelerate, connections with key leaders or their networks and funding opportunities.

MicroX Labs (India/Germany)

Solution: Building a portable solution that is able to detect infectious markers (i.e. CRP, IL-6) and cellular markers among mild-moderate and severe covid-19 cases, both at home and in hospital.

Looking for: US$500K funding to complete development and start pilot manufacturing in Bavari.

ADVITOS (Germany)

Solution: They have developed ADVOS, a multi-organ dialysis device for the lung, liver and kidney. As most people dying from covid-19 have been shown to suffer from organ failure, their technology has become particularly vital in supporting the treatment of patients. Read more.

Looking for: support for their fundraising efforts in order to help accelerate their market penetration and international expansion


DNA Compass (USA)

Solution: Developing a genomics infrastructure, using existing mapping platforms, that allows for the sharing of genome location data and creates secure, trusted, genome feeds among verified entities. Read more.

Curiosity (Germany)

Solution: An AI-powered website to facilitate medical research on covid-19. Read more.

Iris AI (Sweden)

Solution: Their initiative equips researchers and concerned citizens with better software tools to conduct meaningful covid-19 related research. Read more.

React4Life (Italy)

Solution: This startup has launched a call for supporting all research teams actively involved in the therapies and vaccines technologies for the covid-19 pandemic. Read more.

MemComputing (USA)

Solution: MemComputing is making their XPC SaaS platform freely accessible to all researchers and developers who are contributing to address covid-19. Read more.


Smart Separations (UK)

Solution: They have developed a unique coating that has demonstrated its ability to destroy viruses and pathogens.

Looking for: urgently require access to a licensed test lab to confirm the efficiency and safety of their coating.

Air Company (USA)

Solution: This startup has shifted entire production efforts to make a carbon-negative hand sanitizer, which they’re giving away for free to several hospitals in New York City who are in critical need. Read more.

Weinnovate Biosolutions (India)

Solution: A non-alcoholic aqueous based Colloidal Silver solution uniquely made from its NanoAgCide technology for disinfecting hands and environmental surfaces.

Looking for: funding to set up and scale up manufacturing of their solution and associated products & regulatory support for fast track approvals.

Spartha Medical (France)

Solution: Developing an antiviral spray that can eliminate covid-19 from any surface. Read more (in French).

Manastu Space Technologies (India)

Solution: They have developed, with GTarang Energy Solutions, a prototype that attempts to kill the virus on any surface using ultraviolet C lights. Read more.

Looking for: partnerships in manufacturing & distribution and looking to do more trials of the product with local governments.

Are you a startup in the Hello Tomorrow network working on a solution to combat covid-19? Get in touch with us! We will be updating this list with new solutions as they come in.



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