On Friday 20th November, after a jam-packed week of exploring the future with the pioneers that are determined to build it, the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2020 drew to a close. Selected from over 5000 applications, we saw the 90 startup finalists of this year’s Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge take to our virtual stage to pitch their cutting-edge technology, and reveal winners across 14 industry categories. A huge congratulations to every single one, your solutions have well and truly inspired our community!

The Global Challenge

The Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge is a competition designed to unearth early-stage startups that are…

Figuring out how this pandemic is changing our society is not easy. Our way of living, including the things we consume and what we invest in, is adapting. It’s tempting to draw quick conclusions based on initial analysis carried out on the spot, but at Hello Tomorrow we felt like its impact was too big to be rushed.

We took a step back and gathered a brilliant line-up of deep tech investors ready to reflect on the situation and share their insights.

Are VCs currently investing? Will their strategy and focus change post-Covid? …

As the current crisis turns our world upside, we at Hello Tomorrow are turning to our community for one of the most valuable things in the world right now: hope. A quick restoration of faith in humanity, like our previous interview with Irene Bosch, CTO of E25bio, where we learnt about their rapid and easy-to-use test for Covid-19.

We’re seeing how the world can come together to overcome a crisis, with unprecedented international cooperation and dedication. So, how can we learn from this to build a long-term vision towards the other ongoing emergency, the climate one?

In this whirlwind of…

From low-cost ventilators to carbon negative hand sanitizers and rapid diagnostic testing… The agile nature of startups means they can act fast in the face of a global health crisis such as covid-19. It’s fantastic to see how many startups in the Hello Tomorrow network, selected through our Global Challenge over the years, are using their technology to help combat this pandemic.

But as always, it will take an entire ecosystem for these companies to successfully and sustainably scale. Read on to discover incredible projects from across the globe, and see how you could get involved. …

When it comes to an epidemic, time is of the essence. In order to be effective, prevention and control measures need to be put in place within a matter of days, if not hours. Not weeks or months.

Irene Bosch was set to take to the Main Stage at the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit in March, to share with us her leading-edge discoveries in epidemiology. The covid-19 pandemic, however, has meant that the event has been postponed to October. …

From Nature to Cities, from Humans to… last but not least: Machines! Our overview of the Hello Tomorrow Deep Tech Trends 2020 report is almost done. And it’s obviously no coincidence that these trends mirror the Global Summit program itself!

After reading all of them, you’ll be the most up to date attendee in the game. (Bonus point if you went ahead and bought the whole trends report!) There are only 2 things left to do now: read on this last one, and download your Swapcard app to start organising meetings with other attendees!

Based on over 5,000 worldwide applications…

So you’ve purchased your pass, you’ve made travel arrangements, now what? Read our definitive guide to learning how to navigate the Swapcard app in four easy steps in order to maximize your time at the Summit.

1. Download the app

That’s always a good start! In efforts to reduce our environmental footprint, this year’s Global Summit will only have an electronic program, which is found exclusively on the Swapcard mobile or web application. In order to print your ticket on-site, you must have registered and downloaded.

2. Edit your profile

A picture is worth a thousand words. Trust us, it will facilitate the networking moments, when you don’t…

You know what they say. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it! However, we humans do tend to break sometimes. And luckily, technology that helps us get better is getting more and more advanced.

After focusing on smart cities and precision agriculture, we are now allowing ourselves to get a bit more self indulgent, and this preview of the Deep Tech Trends will thus focus on personalized medicine.

Based on over 5,000 worldwide applications that we received to our Global Startup Challenge this year, as well as drawing from several years of watching, shaping and fostering the Deep Tech ecosystem…

More than half of the world’s population is currently living in cities, which we explore in our first Hello Tomorrow Deep Tech Trends article (Catch up here!). Housing a growing population is a challenge, but that of feeding it might be even bigger. So, you’re in luck, this article focuses on agriculture!

Based on over 5,000 worldwide applications that we received to our Global Startup Challenge this year , as well as drawing from several years of watching, shaping and fostering the Deep Tech ecosystem, we are in a unique position to preview how the future will be shaped. …

In March 2020, we’ll be holding the 6th edition of our annual Global Summit. From 500 people at our first event to 3,500 attendees today.

Hello Tomorrow has continued to grow.
So have our responsibilities.

Yet as an event organiser, we are faced with an industry that poses an inevitable problem: how can we justify the environmental cost of a 48-hour event? There’s a long way to go, but we’ve focused our efforts on 3 main topics:

#1 Reduction of single-use and individual production of paper and plastic

#2 Using recycled materials and repurposing our waste

#3 Lowering our environmental…

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